Mylz Jones – Lancaster JetHawks

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Mylz Jones is a talented prospect that John Calvagno told me about a few months ago.  John saw him play in Asheville last year and he kept telling me how he’s such a well rounded player.  When I saw Mylz in Modesto I asked him for an interview and he gladly accepted.  Here is how our conversation went…

Real McCoy: “Prior to 2015, you played baseball for Cal State Bakersfield.  Can you tell me a little bit about your time there?”

Jones: “Yeah, I went there from 2013-2015.  It was a great experience.  I’m really glad I went there.  I learned a lot, not just about baseball, but also about myself and other things that have helped me in life.”

Real McCoy: “Were there any coaches that influenced you during your time there?”

Jones: “The whole coaching staff was great but I’d have to say that head coach Bill Kernen helped me out the most.  He recruited me and taught me about the mental aspect of baseball and not just the physical part.  Without him I wouldn’t have a strong mindset needed to play at a high level.  There’s a lot of ups and downs in this game and you have to stay positive.”

Real McCoy: “What were you feeling when you were drafted by the Rockies in 2015?”

Jones: “I was REALLY excited.  I was still in school during the Draft because we were on the quarter system.  I had my laptop open looking at the Draft while I was studying for finals with my brother.  It was kind of difficult to keep studying after I got the phone call.  It was a very memorable moment.”

Real McCoy: “Are you happy with the Rockies organization thus far?”

Jones: “Oh yeah, definitely.  They’ve been nothing but helpful and I couldn’t ask for a better organization.”

Real McCoy: “Can you tell me about your time in Grand Junction last year?”

Jones: “I had a blast in Grand Junction.  It was my first year in pro ball.  So, I was getting acclimated to playing everyday on a consistent basis and getting my routine in as well.  I learned a lot about the ups and downs of playing baseball everyday.  I also learned a lot about myself.”

Real McCoy: “What do you think your best tool is besides your speed?”

Jones: “I would say defensive versatility.  I got drafted as a shortstop and in my first year of pro ball I played majority short and third.  Then last year was the first year ever in my life that I played in the outfield.”

Real McCoy: “It must great to play pro baseball in your native state of California, no?”

Jones: “Yeah that’s the best part.  I grew up in Palmdale and I played a few high school games at the JetHawks stadium so that’s pretty cool.  Not a lot of people get the opportunity to play in their home state, let alone their home city.”

Real McCoy: “Okay last question, what are your goals for this season in the California League?”

Jones: “Just to get better all around: offensively, defensively and mentally.  It’s a long season and the competition gets better at every level so you have to find new ways to get better.”

For more information about Mylz Jones check out this article by John Calvagno.  You can also follow Mylz @TheDeuce4MJ on Twitter and please subscribe to my new YouTube channel above!


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