Brandon Lawson is Stuck in the Sunshine State

brandon-lawson-photo-2Written by Mark Nikolov  Photo by unknown

Brandon Lawson is a native of Florida and a former pitcher from the University of South Florida.  He currently plays in the Tampa Bay Rays farm system where he’s had a lot of success as a first year player.  Bethany Cohen of Legends On Deck interviewed Lawson in August of last year and recently I got the chance to catch up with him.  Here’s how our conversation went:

Real McCoy: “Since August, what have you been doing to prepare yourself for the upcoming season?”

Lawson: “I’ve been working out 5-7 days a week…started throwing about a month ago.  Mostly been working to get my body stronger.  I’ve kept my workout program from college and just tweaked it a little since I’ve been in the Rays system.”

Real McCoy: “Can you tell me about your experience playing baseball at the University of South Florida?”

Lawson: “I went in my freshman year as a weekend rotation starter.  Eventually I ended up in the bullpen and got a little discouraged there.  It wasn’t until my junior year that things really started clicking for me.  My velocity went from the high 80’s to the mid 90’s.”

Real McCoy: “Other than the increased velocity, how did you benefit from playing in college?”

Lawson: “College allowed me to prepare physically and mentally.  I’m still learning to deal with different situations all the time as a pro.  Baseball is a game of imperfections.  You’re never gonna be perfect in baseball.”

Real McCoy: “You put up some very impressive stats last year with the Hudson Valley Renegades.  Are you satisfied playing in the Rays farm system right now?”

brandon-lawson-2Lawson: “Oh yeah.  I’m very grateful to be a part of the Rays organization.  I had the opportunity to go pro after high school but I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea.  I wasn’t ready to play a game with men at 18 years of age.”

Real McCoy: “What can you tell me about your pitching assortment?”

Lawson: “I rely a lot on my two seam fastball, which has turned into a sinker.  I use a four seam fastball and a changeup as well.  I also have a slider and a curveball.”

Real McCoy: “How is your relationship with your family?”

Lawson: “It’s great.  My family has always been a big baseball family.  My dad played in high school and in JUCO.  My old brother David played at Southeast Missouri State and after college he started coaching.  Him and my dad have always been coaching me since I was a kid.”

Real McCoy: “I noticed on Facebook that your brother David is now a scout for Primetime Sports Agency.”

Lawson: “Yeah him and my dad became good friends with Phil Terrano.  Phil hired him as a scout and they’ve been working closely together ever since.  It’s really cool to work with my brother in that capacity.”

Real McCoy: “Nice!  Last question – what are your goals for the upcoming season?”

Lawson: “My personal goal is to start in Low A or High A and keep advancing in the system.  I also want to lower my ERA and get more innings.”

Brandon Lawson is a great guy and he seems to have a good group of people behind him.  I’m hoping that he has another strong outing this year in the Minors.  Please follow him on Twitter @B_Lawson1213 and check us out at @REALMcCOYMINORS



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