No Stalling for Cody Stull

cody-stull-photo-1Written by Mark Nikolov  Photo by unknown

Cody Stull was drafted out of Belmont Abbey College by the Oakland Athletic’s in 2014.  This past season he moved up the Minor League ranks faster than any other player in the MiLB perhaps.  I recently got a chance to speak with Cody and talked to him about his recent success.

Real McCoy:  “This past season you moved up three levels in the A’s farm system.  To what do you attribute that achievement?”

Stull:  “I attribute it to hard work.  The A’s have also done a great job surrounding me with some really good pitching coaches.  All of my coaches have helped me improve my performance in single-A, AA and AAA.  I’m very grateful to them for that.  Being able to get lefties out is always a good way to move up in the system too.”

Real McCoy:  “Last season you put up great numbers in the California League, a league that is known for being a hitters league: 65 Ks in 61 IP with only 14 BBs and a 1.61 ERA.  Do you think you can repeat those numbers or put up even better numbers this upcoming season?”

Stull:  “I think so.  I think that there’s always more opportunities to get better.  Now that I’ve added a curveball into my pitching arsenal that should only help me get better.”

Real McCoy:  “Nice!  In an article written by 27 Outs Baseball last season Eddie Pannone mentioned that you have a low 90’s fastball and a good changeup.  He also said that you were working on your breaking ball.  Can you tell me about the success you had with that pitch last year?

Stull:  “Sure, my breaking ball helped me open up the zone a little more.  It eventually turned into a cutter and I’ve had success with that pitch as well.”

Real McCoy:  “I found an article written in January of 2013 by that described you as a ‘fan favorite’ when you were playing for the Gastonia Grizzlies.  Here is a direct quote from that article ‘Cody has tremendous character and is the kind of person that you always want in your club.’  Do you agree with that statement?

Stull:  “Yeah.  I always want to be known as the guy that people want to be around.  I try to keep a good positive atmosphere when I’m around other teammates.”

Real McCoy:  “I noticed that you and Max Schrock follow each other on Twitter.  What can you tell me about him?

Stull:  “I got to know him for a short period of time when he was in Midland.  He is a true competitor.  He hits everything when he’s at the plate.  It seems like the guy never gets out.  Having him behind you on defense is great because there’s a good chance he is going to make a play on every ball that comes his way.”

Real McCoy:  “What was it like growing up in Matthews, North Carolina?”

Stull:  “It was nice.  Matthews is a small town surrounded by some other small towns and there’s a lot of baseball in our area.  Richie Shaffer and a few other Major League guys are from there.”

Real McCoy:  “Last question, what are your goals for this upcoming season?”

Stull:  “I want to stay on the same path that I’m on right now as far as numbers go.  That should help me advance to the MLB and hopefully I can make an impact there as well.”

Cody seems like a really good guy.  He has a positive attitude and he knows a lot about baseball.  I’m guessing he studies the game all day and probably in his sleep as well.  I missed my first opportunity to interview him because of a scheduling error on my part.  So I’m very thankful he gave me a second chance to speak with him.  I wish nothing but the best for Stull and I hope to see him pitch at Rickey Henderson Field one day.

Please follow Cody Stull on Twitter @LHP1814 and also check us out at @REALMcCOYMINORS for more prospect interviews and videos.


Article by Eddie Pannone from 27 Outs Baseball found here


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