Gerson Moreno is a Man with a Plan

gerson-moreno-sick-ass-photo-better-colorWritten by Mark Nikolov  Photo by unknown

At a very young age Gerson Moreno devoted his life to the game of baseball.  When he was only 5 years old his father, Mateo, noticed his son had talent for the sport.  It was at that time that his father developed a plan for him.  His plan eventually turned Gerson into a professional athlete and the man he is today.  I believe it’s safe to say that Moreno has made his father proud.  He’s currently playing in the Detroit Tigers Minor League farm system and he has a bright future ahead of himself.  In 2015, he helped the West Michigan Whitecaps win the Midwest League Championships.  Then just this past year, he was named as a mid-season All Star for the Whitecaps.  He just recently graduated college.  Oh, and he also can throw a 100 mph fastball.

In a recent conversation I had with Gerson, he mentioned that he had a great time playing for the Whitecaps.  “Everything went really well in West Michigan,” says Moreno…“2015 was a great year for me.  That was when I started throwing the ball really hard.  Everyone on the team stepped up for us and we won a Championship.”

Moreno is a firm believer in hard work.  He credits his faith in God for all of his success.  “I’ve spent many years with the Lord.  I put God first in my work and in everything I do,” he added.  When I asked Moreno about his relationship with the Tigers organization he mentioned that they’re a hardworking organization.  For that he is very grateful.  “They have been very helpful and responsive anytime I’ve needed anything,” he said of his current team.  Gerson has enjoyed all the hard work because “the results have been rewarding.”  When asked about his goals for 2017, he told me that he wants to work even harder than he did last year.  He hopes to start off the season in AA and make his way to the MLB one day soon.

Gerson has a bright future ahead of him and others have noticed.  On March 2, 2016 Mark Anderson of talked about “his impressive fastball between a pair of A-ball levels in Connecticut and West Michigan.”  Then recently, only a few days ago, reported a full story on Moreno’s performance from this past season (see here).  In “[o]ver 23 appearances with the White Caps, Moreno was simply dominant.  In 25 innings, the prospect turned in a 1.08 ERA and 11 saves while striking out 9.7 batters per nine frames.”  Ben Rosener, a writer for FanSided via Motor City Bengals, suggested that Moreno “could develop into a mainstay in the Detroit Tigers bullpen.

Gerson seems to be a strong, intelligent and confident young man.  He knows where he’s going and he knows what he has to do to get there.  I don’t anticipate anything getting in the way of his Major League aspirations.  Luck can only get you so far.  In the end hard work is what prevails.  During this offseason Moreno has been working hard to maintain the velocity on his fastball.  He’s also putting a lot of time into his slider.  Only time will tell us what his ceiling will be as a player.  Though I suspect that with the help of God, his family and close friends, his father’s plan will reach fruition.

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